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Rediscover Bûche Croisée : a new chairlift that changes everything!

, February 11th 2014, No comment, 1433 vues.

When I first discovered Les Contamines almost a year and a half ago , the area around Bûche Croisée rapidly became my favorite place on the slopes. Nestled under the Roselette needle, the sector is easily accessible from the Signal (via the Gentianes slope) or the Roselette chairlift. It includes 4 different slopes (1 blue, 2 red and 1 black): Bûche, Combe, Frédzé and Tobogan.The only problem at the time: to fully enjoy these slopes one had to use a really rustic chairlift! This lift possessed 3 uncomfortable seats per chair and the ride lasted up to 12 minutes.

There was plenty of time to get cold!

Thankfully, last summer, the SECMH ski lift company decided to replace the lift with a brand new high performance chairlift. Twice as fast, the new lift can carry up to six people per chair and as many as 2700 people per hour. Above all, it is far more comfortable and its red and black seating design helps skiers to judge the distance when sitting down. THE ARRIVAL STATION WITH THE CHAIRSThe task was impressive as one can see in the following videos :

Presentation of the site by Jean-Claude Olry, General Director of the SECMH

Time lapse

Construction of the chairlift station

Assembly of the pylons with a Super Puma

Reception of the chairlift and testing


Open to the public from 14th December 2013 and inaugurated in January 2014, this new chairlift is a great opportunity for everyone to discover or rediscover these slopes, the stunning views they offer, but also their two restaurants.

The decision to open up this section of the ski area has already proved successful: the new chairlift hosted the British Army Rhino Ski Club Championships from 9th to 17th January this year!

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