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At the end of the 2013 season, Antoine Bouvier won the Crystal GLOBE in Dual Sprint, the most spectacular Telemark discipline!

This talented athlete also successfully combined his passion for sport with his studies:

  • Son of teachers in Annecy, he learnt to ski at a very early age. As a young boy he progressed on the snow with great ease. Leisure activities and free time were reserved for Les Contamines.         He joined the Ski Club here and participated in regional competitions up to the age of 15 . At that period in time he practiced downhill skiing.
  • At the same time, Ludovic Callamard, a local boy, was a member of the French Telemark team. Antoine was extremely impressed by his style, the fluidity of his movements, his grace and his apparent ease on skis. Ludovic became Antoine’s role model and introduced him to the discipline which quickly become his new passion.
  • However, this passion didn’t prevent him from studying hard and he graduated with a degree in Material Science.
  • Antoine intends to lead a career in the ski world. An opportunity for him to combine his studies, his professional expertise and his experience as a high level sportsman.
  • He currently works for WEDZE as a quality engineer and test manager. This prestigious position also enables him to compete in the World Cup.
  • Antoine joined the French team in 2004 and this year he enjoys his 11th season on the World Cup circuit!
  • Les Contamines, extremely proud of their champion, entrust Antoine to launch a new telemark craze:
  • This season, the ESF French Ski School in Les Contamines has introduced Telemark initiation sessions to meet the expectations of a public charmed by the gesture, the beauty and flexibility of this discipline.
  • One can rent the necessary equipment at the sports shop “4807”, located in the centre of the village.
  • Created a century and half ago in the distant province of Télémark in Norway, this sport is a complex discipline with its own particular requirements and specificities.

The ancestor of downhill skiing , telemark definitely deserves to be considered as an Olympic sport!The Dual Sprint event is great to watch.

Skiers compete in a parallel race on a shortened course which finishes on the same run . A thrilling discipline for both the general public and the media!

  • antoine bouvier: équipe de france de telemark
  • antoine bouvier: équipe de france de telemark

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