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A fishing trip to Lake Jovet

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The end of August rhymes with the end of summer vacation…

To finish in style, there’s nothing better than three days at Lake Jovet with a bunch of friends. On the programme: fishing, walking, overnight bivouacs and lots of fun.

Departure: Tuesday 25th August

We’d been waiting for this moment since early June. Steve, Antoine and I decided to cheat a little and drove up to la Balme in our 4 x 4 (authorized before 7.00am).

We reached la Balme at 6.30 and set off on an hour long hike carrying everything we needed to camp out in the mountains: food, sleeping bags, tent etc. By 7:30 am we’d arrived at the lake!

After sorting out the bags we set up the rods for a little early fishing before the sun got too hot and other hikers appeared to picnic on the banks of the lake. It was a successful morning, we caught plenty of fish including a 26.5 cm long rainbow trout!

At midday we enjoyed lunch on the edge of the water with views of La Pennaz followed by a short siesta in the sun. Steve set off to walk the ridges whilst Antoine and I decided to continue fishing in the afternoon sunshine. At this time of day the fish hide in the cooler waters at the bottom of the lake!

Around 5 pm the last walkers disappeared and we were alone again at the water’s edge. We set up the rods for an evening session but were less successful than that morning. Most of the fish we caught were put back in the lake, this is the principle of modern fishing techniques today: No.-kill! However, we made an exception for two of our prize catches: a 26cm trout caught by Steve and a 28cm trout caught by Antoine. They were served for dinner!

Se régaler avec une bonne truite dans un cadre merveilleux

To enjoy a delicious trout in beautiful surrondings is the perfect end to a day out fishing at Lake Jovet











Steve made a video to share the experience: Young, Wild and Free by Steve Robert, available on Vimeo.

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