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During the season, who helps to organize the events and entertainment in Les Contamines-Montjoie, on the slopes and in the village?
Volunteers! Who are these people that work so hard in the shadows? We met Marion, a 26 year old volunteer…

On which events do you volunteer to help?

I love helping on sports events and competitions in les Contamines-Montjoie. I volunteer on the Ultra Trail race in the summer and on ski races in the winter. I was involved in the organization of the World Cup ski-cross and half-pipe events. I also help out at events in the village to raise money for school trips for the local children.

Why do you enjoy this so much?

What motivates me is the atmosphere! Personally I don’t practice ski-cross or trail running, it’s not my thing! But it’s great to watch and be able to participate in my own way, it’s magic! The events are very well organized and the volunteers are often the same people. We know each other and we know what we are expected to do so it’s great fun!

Who are the other volunteers?

The teams vary: parents, retirees and young members of the local ski club on race events. The retired community are very involved, they have plenty of time on their hands and invest themselves fully.

And young people, like you?

There are some very young volunteers from the local ski club and several young people like me. However, its’ quite difficult to combine studying during the week and voluntary work at the weekend.

And you, do you work? How do you find the time?

I work but I have free time at weekends. If I can help, I do! I’ve always loved it!

And your job ?

In winter I run a shop on the ski area. In summer I work at the local play scheme, the MJC in Saint-Gervais. I love working with small children! I also did a few winter seasons in Australia and New Zealand but now that I live year-round in les Contamines-Montjoie it’s important for me to participate in resort life and events.

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