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A tour of the Natur’Art Festival

, September 25th 2014, No comment, 724 vues.

After observing the many works of art featured across the ski area this winter, I was greatly looking forward to discovering the summer version of the Natur’Art Festival and, needless to say, I was not disappointed!



On arrival on Monday morning I discovered two sculptors at work on the village square. Pierre and Camille Bernard were cutting wood, folding wicker and sculpting wire mesh. I was curious to know what they were preparing. The next day, I was astonished at the magnitude of their creation.

The various elements were assembled together to create a 2 metre tall character standing proudly on the village stage. The result was stunning. The artists themselves were already working on a new creation when suddenly the peace and quiet was replaced by wild shouting! Turning around I saw two men dressed from another era, town criers advertising the programme of events for the festival!


A few metres further on, I met Jean Loup Benoit, a watercolor artist. His designs, exhibited at the Tourist Office and the library, leave one pensive. This artist reinvents our alpine landscapes, making them unique.


The following day I attended a show « La Voix de l’Eau » (the voice of water) on the village square. The event was originally programmed to take place in the Samivel garden but the rain decided otherwise!

Joël Grare (musician) and Emmanuelle Magdalena (comedian) shared the stage. He captivated both children and adults with his collection of original musical instruments whilst she recited verses in poetic form on water in all its forms. The audience and I were delighted by the performance.

Contemporary Art

I took a brief peek at the exhibition by Danièle Gay. There was a special atmosphere in this tent, a diverse and varied collection of angles! Some were represented on canvas, others in foam or collage form using waste paper and packaging. It was absolutely fascinating!


On Friday evening, Vincent Borel and Julien Menici performed in the Samivel garden , transformed into a theatre for the occasion. The two comedians, together with Jean Loup Benoit, recited Samivel’s works in a garden dedicated to him. The mist present on the peaks and the talent of the actors really helped to create a distinctive atmosphere; The spirit of Samivel seemed to float in the evening air.

An artistic exchange

Throughout the week, artists also invited the general public to join the creative movement: sculpture, watercolor and even musical workshops. There was something for everyone! A great opportunity for all age groups to discover the different techniques and motivations of the artists present in Les Contamines.

Roll on the next edition!

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