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A Trail Running Recap of the Haut Val Montjoie 2013

, July 1st 2013, No comment, 787 vues.


Despite the fickle summer weather of late, we had an amazing weekend for Le Trail Tour du Haut Val Montjoie.

Having not run in quite some time and thanks to the encouragement of a friend, I agreed to sign up for the 12km trail race, it was the perfect distance for an initiation into the adrenaline and exhaustion of competitive trail running.


Saturday’s 12km race was run in pairs just like the 30km and 50km races on Sunday. There were just over 60 teams for the 12 km course. My teammate and I traded places off and on with a couple teams throughout the course. There was a wonderful race ambiance and we received cheers and shouts of encouragement at every turn.   We were lucky to have friends and family following along the course. Every cheer made our legs feel lighter, every clap in support made the finish line that much closer. We even had some friends run along side with us in the last stretch, just at the time when tired legs and mental fatigue started to make their appearance.

It’s impossible not to adore the camaraderie of our village, the support that everyone showed, the effort the volunteers made. It makes me so proud of our community.


On Sunday, we were posted at the refreshment station just before the last 4km of the 30k and 50k race.  After running our short race the day before, I had so much admiration for those that took on the long distances.  Each runner was so gracious.  So many shared a smile or a kind word before continuing on the last steep incline before the finish. In any case, I certainly cheered them on louder and harder than ever before.


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