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Between magic and circus arts

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 For the past 3 years Hélène de Vallombreuse has spent her summers in Les Contamines, with her parrots and cats. You have may have bumped into at the leisure park where she proposes circus art workshops or on the village square at one of her aerial shows.


An exceptional artist:

Magician, animal tamer, circus artist, trapeze artist, actress in theatre or cinema…some of Hélène’s original numbers are renowned internationally.

Famous for her combination of beauty, poetry and colors, she has appeared on television. She has also paraded on the catwalk for Stella Cadente, Hermes and Chanel and collaborated with circus families such as Archaos, Romanesque and Bouglione, the set designer Yannis Kokkos and the choreographer Karine Saporta.

In theatre and cinema, she has worked with André Benedetto, Nicko Papatakis, and under the direction of Jean-Paul Goude and Jacques Rivette.


Off the beaten track:


Hélène de Vallombreuse is an artist of a rare species, in danger of extinction. Like Saint Antoine who fled the savagery of men, she speaks to birds of our humanity.

A nomadic aristocrat lost on her imaginative island, her luxury trunks scattered around her, this animist fairy (Mary Poppin’s cousin), releases animals from her luggage.

A female Robinson Crusoe, she talks of her dreams and her revolts in a wacky monologue. Trapeze artist, she ascends to the heavens, discusses philosophy with her Parrot, then marvels at the feats of her leaping cat.


Hélène and Les Contamines:


Very fond of Les Contamines, Hélène has spent every summer here for the past three years. From her base camp in the leisure park she invites young and old to discover circus arts: trapeze, balancing acts, magic or juggling. The youngsters never get bored confirms Maria, age 11: “we learn new things at each session and it’s always great fun”!

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