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Early-season interview with Antoine Bouvier

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 Antoine Bouvier, Telemark skier and parallel sprint crystal globe winner in 2013, is a local icon. He is also renowned on the World Cup circuit on which he is due to race for the 12th consecutive year!
We met Antoine on his return from the first stage of the World Cup …

You just got back from Hintertux, how did your first 3 races of the season go?

Rather well! The beginning of the season has never been my strong point, I often need a little time to reach my best level. However, this year I was on good form taking 4th place on the 1st run of the first classic sprint. This definitely boosted my confidence. Ranked 9th overall in the 1st classic sprint and 7th in the 2nd event the following day, I also reached the quarter-finals in the parallel sprint before being eliminated by Phil Lau. Altogether a very positive start to the season!

How do you organize your physical training?

Physical training begins in June with endurance sports such as cycling and trail running. Ground work is the basis for preparation, it enables me to complete the season and recover properly. In August, I start working more specifically on the effort required during a telemark race. I also train in the gym to work up my strength as the season approaches. I do all the “Crossfit” classes at Mont-Blanc Gym: a technique that develops strength, coordination, speed, resistance and cardiovascular endurance – ideal for preparing a ski season! Finally, I work hard on spring and balance to redevelop the muscles in my right ankle, damaged on a trail run last summer (rupture of 2 external ligaments). Today there’s no pain and no discomfort when skiing. I train according to my availability from work (engineer for the Wed’ze brand) – mainly between noon and 2pm, on weekends and in the evening.

Is it complicated trying to combine high level sport and professional life?

Yes, it isn’t easy but it was my choice so I just have to get on with it! The main difficulty is managing physical and mental fatigue. It’s important to find moments to relax. The good side is that I approach competitions and training sessions with pleasure and desire.

 What are your goals for this season?

My main goal this season is the World Championships in Steamboat USA at the end of February. There are 3 opportunities for medals (perhaps 4 with the team parallel sprint event). I also aim to be on the podium on the World Cup circuit.

Do you have any ideas on how to develop telemark?

I don’t have enough time to invest in projects in connection with telemark but I do try to promote the sport within Les Contamines. A telemark section should soon emerge for those youngster who wish to compete. The ESF French Ski School also propose lessons. I look forward to accompanying youngsters on the French Telemark Circuit as soon as possible.

Do you have any specific projects this year, or in the future?

Yes there’s the KCC’s on 10th January. This race, organized by resort, introduces children to telemark. It’s a great opportunity to discover the sport in a good atmosphere.

 Thank you and good luck for the coming season !

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