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Les Contamines, the Montjoie valley and its nature reserve are a paradise for outdoor sports enthusiasts. From climbing to canyoning, mountaineering, trail running and hiking, mountain sports remain very attractive during the summer season.

Walking or running in the mountains helps you to clear your mind. According to your desires and your level of fitness it is easy to fix limits in hiking or trail running. Good preparation is paramount, both physical and logistical. When you set out on foot to discover a new trail or a new refuge you will systematically be forced out of your usual comfort zone.

Renaud (present in Les Contamines between two Ultra-Trail events) and Louis (our favorite local guide) enable us to discover through this video clip, the simple pleasures of hiking and running along the trails of Mont-Joly:

Rémi Serré, from the shop Sports 4807 m in Les Contamines, agreed to give us his vision of hiking and trail running in Les Contamines:

1. What type of hiker / trail runner are you?

I hike with my family along the Tour du Mont-Blanc, the Tour des Fiz, towards Miage and the Lacs Jovets. If I hike alone I go off mountaineering.

2. Can you qualify hiking and trail running in 3 short words?

Nature, space and wellness.

3. What type of client comes to your shop?

From the casual walker to the more serious hiker on the Tour of Mont Blanc.

4. What advice do you systematically give to your clients?

To pay attention to the weather forecast, notably for storms in the afternoon. To choose a suitable route that corresponds to their level of physical fitness and finally to take plenty of water with them, sun screen and protective clothing.

5. What brands do you sell?

Element Terre, Icepeak, Regatta, Dare2be, Lytos and the famous double sock THYO.

6. If you were a mountain shoe, which shoe would you be and why?

I would be a breathable light shoe with a good grip sole and maybe waterproof. These are all the qualities of a good top of the range shoe.

7. How is the hiking and trailing running in Les Contamines?

The best! Breathtaking panoramic views, numerous itineraries from alpine pastures to high mountain routes and most of all hiking and trail running for all levels.

8. Do you have other ideas in mind to promote hiking and trail running in Les Contamines?

If you try it you’ll adopt it!


Thank you Remi for taking the time to answer our questions and present your shop. We truly hope that hiking and trail running in Les Contamines continues to develop.

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