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I brought a beginner to “les Contamines”

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Begginers, hear me out! At “les Contamines” the numerous slopes, the quality restaurants and the view will make your first days of skiing an AMAZING experience!

I have always loved snow, I learnt to ski at les Houches, a small ski resort near Chamonix, but since I have discovered les Contamines-Hauteluce’s resort, I am seriously addicted. I enjoy skiing there so much that at some point I have decided to share the love and to bring some friends with me, including Stuart, who had never ski before..!

Stuart was really looking forward to discover the place and to learn how to ski. Since my family and I, we all know how to ski very well, and since we were in no hurry, we decided to teach him ourselves, and so after renting skis and a helmet, we all took the gondola from Lay to go to Etape.

Etape has everything you need for your first skiing experience, a begginer green slope called “Foyères”, reached by a short bum lift, a restaurant and a picnic area if you want a rest, This area also functions as the ESF class meeting point.

Firstly, I showed him how to attach his boots to his skis, then, here we went for his first few meters with some snow-plough, called “chasse-neige” in french.

After only a few falls he started getting the hang of it. Following lunch we took the cabin lift to the Signal to ski on the green slope called “Signal”. It also has a ski lift, but this one is a bit longer. Perfect to keep us busy all afternoon.

The second day was easier, , with less falling and increased levels of confidence. We tackled sharper turns, ensuring to make regular stops in order to admire the view. In the afternoon, we became more adventurous and I brought Stuart onto blue slopes such as Montjoie and Variante, and after I explain to him how to, we took the Montjoie chairlift.

On the third day my brother volunteered to introduce Stuart to parallel skiing, “dérapage” in French. I enjoyed a few hours of freedom to go on the pistes where I couldn’t take Stuart yet. The rest of the week went well and at the end of it Stuart even attempted a few red slopes! He told me that he loved the experience of learning to ski and that he enjoyed the views; he already wants to come back! Before he left, he bought some cheese and “saucisson” in the village.

As we were all very happy about this wonderful week, let me tell you that les Contamines Montjoie-Hauteluce resort offers everything a beginner and experienced skiers need!

As not every skier is a natural born teacher, take note that the ESF ski school offers great skiing lessons.


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