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I tried snake-gliss in Les Contamines

, February 11th 2015, No comment, 703 vues.

As a day on the slopes drew to an end the last skiers headed down the Montjoie slope towards l’Etape, Le Lay or La Gorge whilst the less adventurous jumped into the gondola. The snow front emptied rapidly and suddenly the place went very quiet. As the slope patrol tidied their equipment away and prepared to descend, a new adventure awaited our group!

En route !

Tatiana, Florian, Michel, Anne Laure, Pierrot, Remi, Sylviane and a few others of all ages gathered around the small wooden chalet in the middle of the snow front. Several instructors from the UCPA and ESF and representatives of the Tourist Office joined our group eager to test this new activity: SNAKE-GLISS (articulated sledges firmly attached to each other).
Correctly dressed in warm clothes, gloves, helmets and goggles we were instructed to sit, put our feet on the ground, hold on to the handles and hope for the best! Those in the front get a relatively cool ride. The ride at the back is fast and fun, jumping, turning and tipping!
Talkie Walkies on, the GoPro in place, our photographer hit the slopes withcamera in hand. Action… As the sun began to set Tobias and Marc pulled their train of sledges across the flat and together we pushed off using our hands. Suddenly two crazy caterpillars hit the icy slopes in an attempt to regain the valley. At the top of the blue run wide bends created bumps and ripples. The small impulses at the front were amplified at the rear!

Avec le couché de soleil en prime ! Photo : Guillaume Borga

with the sunset ! Photo : Guillaume Borga

Half way down we took a short break to catch our breath and change places before setting off again. Those behind us in the second sledge decided to bombard us with snowballs! As they let go of their handles, some toppled over and others were ejected in fits of laughter!
We sped past the slalom stadium and along the path, straight down between telegraph poles! The slope was hard which accentuated the relief. The steel blades under the sledges cut through the ice at full speed.
After a short stop to stretch our legs and admire the sunset, we returned to the village via the ‘Chemin du Lay’ paying specific attention to the gully ( protected by netting ) and protruding rocks. After an hour of adventure, we were back at the Auberge du Télé, happy to still be in one piece!
First impressions…

– really great!

– hard work at the back!

-a sensation of speed at the front!

– fun and sporty!

– more comfortable in the middle!

– a frenzied race!

– great sensations close to the ground!

– a magical atmosphere at the eve of the day!

– fun and laughter all together!

– felt like a bobsled!

– scary passing between 2 telegraph poles!

– lucky us!

-a rush of adrenalin!

– can’t wait to do it again!

– I’ll tell eveyone!
Our thanks to Ludo, Tobie and Marc. Our special thanks to Guillaume BORGA who filmed our adventure. A super experience not to be missed!

Information available at the Tourist Office and on the snow front at Le Signal.

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