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“Les Contamines? It’s beautiful… and it’s good fun! »

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Some were born here, others were born in more distant lands but, whatever their origins, these youngsters all enjoy living here.

“When I first arrived, the height of the mountains was very impressive” recalls Maia, 10 years old. Most of the children in the group have only ever known the village of Les Contamines. “When they go on vacation they find the new landscapes very strange and really miss the mountains “explains Maxence.

Throughout the year, Maia, Zoe, Ayman, Edgar, Clement and Maxence live to the rhythm of nature. In summer, they enjoy swimming in the Pontet Lake and hiking in the high mountains with their parents. In winter, all the children ski! “Football isn’t very popular here” laughs Edgar, age 8. “We are all too busy skiing!” Born in the village, Edgar and his mates are passionate about snow sports….moguls, powder and speed! “We love everything about it” exclaims Clément enthusiastically. “Sometimes we fall over but that won’t stop us”.

Every week they meet at ski club. More than just a sports club, the local ski club is a meeting place, a mix of childhood souvenirs and memorable moments far from the preoccupation of training champion skiers.

Moreover, among this group of friends, none mention the desire to become a professional athlete, not even Tamati and Maia, whose uncle, Antoine Bouvier, is the local Telemark champion. Some want to become surf pros on the west coast, others a baker or paleontologist. Imaginary childhood aspirations fed by travel and encounters. Some want to stay in the village whilst others wish to discover life elsewhere. Whatever the case, one thing is sure, each and every child in this group will remain attached to Les Contamines.


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