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It’d been a long wait. Months without hearing the rustling of  skis on the snow,  feeling the clatter of chairlifts or the freezing cold on my cheeks.

The snow that fell late November reminded us of the previous season, making the long wait even more unbearable. On 7th December 2013 at 8:45 the first lift departed for the summit.

What an extraordinary weekend! The majority of the area was open, the sky cloudless and the snow virgin white.

One could feel the fervor on the slopes. The kids from the ski club were back on track, well recognizable in their orange suits. The regulars were there too; the slope patrol, the ski instructors and the locals. One shared a few words on the chairlift,  the best spots to ride today!

It was important to make the most of a beautiful day, not to miss a moment: chair-lifts, slopes, moguls, powder, one thing after another! The  snow, not yet present in sufficient quantity, gave the ski area a slightly different appearance. The alpine roads were still apparent under a thin layer of snow, revealing a domain with more heavily marked contours than usual and making some locations almost unrecognizable .

The Sun failed to weaken and its dazzling reflections on the snow encouraged us  to enjoy the day to its full. However, by 4pm one started to feel fatigue in the legs, discomfort in the feet and dryness and cracking of the lips.

As the Sun started its descent and the shadows lengthened gently on the snow, a procession of skiers headed back towards the cable –car. As the day drew to an end one was left with the souvenir of wonderful landscapes and an atmosphere that  makes  the resort unique.

The season promises to be great. One will have to return next week to take advantage of the entire domain,  to test the new chairlift at Bûche Croisée and enjoy a breath of fresh mountain air, a fundamental element which is, without a doubt, a remedy for everything.

See you soon on the slopes!

Max Cartier

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  • ouverture du domaine skiable des contamines hauteluce
  • ouverture du domaine skiable des contamines hauteluce
  • ouverture du domaine skiable des contamines hauteluce

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