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MMA: Behind the scenes (part 1)

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Although she is never far from her training shoes, a gym or her bike, when Marie Marchand Arvier isn’t skiing, this intelligent, discreet and joyful girl likes to enjoy the small pleasures of life.

On the road most of the year, when Marie stops in France she happily abandons her ski wear for more refined clothing.
Stylish and casual at the same time, she knows how to combine elegance and simplicity. Marie loves shopping, sharing afternoon tea with good friends and window shopping, preferably in a bustling city.
Fine gourmet, Marie also enjoys refined dining. Over the years she has acquired strong knowledge both behind the stove and at the table. Marie likes discovering new flavours.

When she’s not training or racing, she loves to stay at home with her family, lounge around, read and do DIY. Sport remains omnipresent but tends to be more fun in rest periods.
She enjoys hiking in the mountains and riding her bike. Marie excels in water sports and loves paddle-boarding and wakeboarding.
MMA is a woman of her time, refined and professional, training hard on the slopes of America before the start of the season in early December.

Pascale Chollet

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