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Mountain biking in Les Contamines

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Les Contamines, the Val Montjoie and its nature reserve are a paradise for outdoor sports fans. Climbing, canyonning, mountaineering, trail running, mountain biking: mountain sports are extremely attractive during the summer season.

Sur la plaine de la Rollaz ...

La Rollaz …

Whether you’re a novice, an experienced mountain biker or simply a casual rider, come and discover the Val Montjoie, a vast natural playground at the foot of Mont-Blanc in the Northern Alps. Mountain biking is very popular in Les Contamines in the summer months. Choose from a number of well maintained paths and trails, marked circuits, single track descents ( narrow winding track) and specifically equipped trails. Whatever your level, there’s something for every member of the family.

Réparation face à Trè-la-Tête ...

Repairs opposite Trè-la-Tête …

Our mountain guides and cycling instructors propose mountain bike courses for beginners and the more advanced. Discover Les Contamines from a new angle along our signposted and well maintained MTB trails.

L'appel du single ...

Single track

Patrick Strappazzon, from the shop “Au Virage Mermoud Sport”, recently gave us his vision of mountain biking:

What kind of rider are you?

I’m passionate about cycling in all its forms.

In 3 words, what best describes mountain biking in Les Contamines?

Scenery, difficulties and challenges.

What type of client comes to your shop?

We have a very large clientele: children and adults, from beginners to the most experienced.

What advice do you give your clients?

–          to know their level;

–          to be cautious;

–          I try to advise them on a suitable circuit

What brands do you distribute?


If you were a mountain bike, what would you be and why?

At age 45 , a SCOTT Spark (all-mountain bike). It has dual suspension, is comfortable and dynamic.

Do you have other ideas in mind to promote mountain biking in the Contamines?

The development of new tracks, new playgrounds for initiation, new signposts, a shuttle bus service (MTB recovery at the bottom of the slopes) and maybe even a mountain bike race in Les Contamines?

Battery assisted mountain bikes have become more popular in Les Contamines. What do you think of this new approach to MTB?

This is a fun way to discover the village without much effort: from Tresse to Notre Dame de la Gorge, passing through all the village hamlets. You can ride upwards quickly and simply but it’s still necessary to learn the technique of mountain biking, especially for downhill purposes. These bikes are great for family outings, for physical recovery after effort and for rehabilitation purposes.

Any news on Marine Strappazzon , vice French champion? How was her season?

Marine is doing very well. At present she is preparing 2 late season events: the “Roc d’Azur” and the “Chrono des Nations – Les Herbiers Vendée”.

Can you tell us which is Marine’s favourite single track in in Les Contamines?

With pleasure! Signal – Bûche Croisée – Nant Borrant – Notre Dame de la Gorge.


Thank you Patrick for taking the time to answer our questions. Good luck with the shop “Au Virage Mermoud Sport” and all the best for Marine in her future adventures!


To conclude in pictures, Vincent (outdoor sports enthusiast and fan of Les Contamines in both winter and summer) has provided us with a video clip of the simple pleasures of riding along the wild tracks of Mont-Joly:



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