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NIKI: between America and France. Her port of call : Les Contamines, famous for Nature Art

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NikiThroughout the season NIKI, a Canadian artist, left a delicate, colorful and original imprint on the snow in Les Contamines – a resort reputed in the field of Nature ART.

“It was my first visit to France,” explained the young woman, who shares her time between teaching placements and artistic creations. “It was a great adventure. I received a warm welcome from the locals and the French in general”.

When she arrived in resort last December, the young woman began by staging the creations she had prepared in advance.
“I created some musical statues, like chimes, that sing in the wind. I then started to observe the natural environment and I discovered a multitude of thin branches recently pruned from a tree in my garden”.
These branches, several hundred of them, underwent a curious and magnificent reconversion. The end of each branch was equipped with a colored pompom.
“I spent quite some time attaching a pompom to each stem to transform the branches into flowers. I then decided to plant them in the snow to create a colorful winter garden. My idea was a great success”.  Other ideas and projects followed, alone or in collaboration with other artists: giant sea urchins made of branches, snow sculptures on snowshoes and the Inuit village created hand in hand with the artist Skapoo from Albertville.
«This partnership was the high point of my season», explained the Canadian when the time came to return home to Prince Edward Island, east Canada.
She added “This season also enabled me to refine my desires and my inspirations. I would like to continue in minimalism and of course create more giant scenes. My work as an artist has evolved and my stay in France has greatly contributed to this”.
Maybe she’ll be back next season for a new artistic adventure!

Browse NIKI’s work online at:

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