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“Take over from our elders to preserve the territory”

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As a child he shared the sea and its swell alongside his father, yachtsman and keen traveler. Ricardo Mora grew up in Spain, near the beaches of Tarifa. A world made of sand and sea, far from the stories of high mountains and steep passes. Prior to becoming a mountain guide he was a ceramic decorator and a sound technician. Since the age of 33 he lives and works as a guide in Les Contamines.

His attachment to the alpine environment dates back to the age of 18. At the time, he and his brother travelled across France visiting castles. They discovered the mountains, tried mountaineering and returned to Spain, determined to feed this new passion. Every summer, he and his brother hitched to Chamonix.

“From this moment on, all our money was spent on mountaineering”.

Over the years, the idea of transforming his passion into a profession grew in Ricardo’s mind. He discovered the School of Mountain Guiding in Chamonix and inquired about registration procedures. He left Spain, settled in the Haute-Savoie and successfully integrated the selective training programme.

Five years later, he qualified as a mountain guide. “The technique is important” says Ricardo, “but one must first and foremost love people. »

Ricardo has been President of the Val Montjoie Mountain Guides for the past 10 years. In close relationship with counterparts in Chamonix, he ensures the preservation of local heritage and the development of the sector.

“It is essential to take over from our elders to continue to advance in our profession and preserve our values.”


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