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“The discovery of Les Contamines was a pleasant accident”

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Gina, Robert, Jonathan and Samantha Morgan, an English family that fell in love with Les Contamines :

She apologizes for her approximate French followed by a big laugh. Gina Morgan and her family moved to Les Contamines three years ago to live in their second home located in the heart of the village. Originally from Oxford, north of London, the Morgans discovered the region 12 years ago. At the time they were looking to enjoy the mountain air in France.

The Alps is the most accessible region for them because of the proximity to Geneva and its international airport. After some research a ‘pretty accident’ lead them to the house they occupy today. “There was a lot of renovation work to be done,” admits Gina, “we bought the house between a group of us and have divided it into three apartments.”

At that time they hadn’t imagined crossing the channel to settle in Les Contamines all year round. However, the course of life lead them to leave the country to “enjoy the family and take the time to live”. Robert, a building entrepreneur, retained his company in Oxford and regularly commutes. Meanwhile Gina takes care of their children, Samantha and Jonathan. “We chose this place, above all, to enjoy the winter season,” recalls the newly adopted Samantha, “we have since discovered the beauty of summer and autumn. Each season has its charm”.

Within no time Samantha and her brother have become true Haut-Savoyards. Members of the local ski club they have developed love for the mountains. «My favourite thing in Les Contamines is the skiing, that’s for sure,” exclaims Samantha in flawless French, “I also enjoy school here. Unlike Oxford, we are fewer pupils in each class and the teachers are nicer! What’s more, the air is pure and the natural surroundings are so beautiful.”

Later on in life this young girl sees herself living in Les Contamines and perhaps becoming a ski instructor. “Here, children are happy,” confirms Gina, “there’s no place for stress and time spent with family is essential.”


Photos : © Zir


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