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“The locals all have extraordinary life experiences.”

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He talks about his food with a greedy smile. At the age of 37, Fabrice Boidard concocts “simple and user-friendly” dishes. He attracts year-round custom from locals and tourists of all ages. This young man has apparently succeeded in what he originally set out to do: serve fresh seasonal food to all generations.

Native of Les Contamines, Fabrice left the village at 15 with the firm intention never to return! “Adolescence is the age where one desires to go elsewhere to gain experience,” argues the chef.

After studying catering in Thonon-les-Bains, he worked in various French restaurants alongside some of the country’s top chefs. In 2003 he decided to return home. He joined the local chef Renée Mermoud. Here he met Melanie. She had left her home region of Touraine, to come and work in Haute-Savoie. The couple decided to continue their experience together in Les Contamines.

“We chose the quality of life” says Fabrice. “Here you can live with the doors open. There’s no better place to rear children! »

Three years later, in 2006, the couple decided to open their own restaurant. Fabrice and Melanie bought a plot of land in the heart of the village and called upon young architects from Les Contamines to design the building. Today, the result is at the height of their expectations. Hard work and long hours have not curbed the couple’s desire to innovate or invent.

“One must sometimes take risks to enable our valley to live and develop” explains Fabrice. “The locals are widely travelled and have extraordinary life experiences to share. This is a true source of wealth that one must share and highlight. »

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