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“The power to transmit our passion for wood”

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These two have been friends for years. Together, Benoit and “Bobo”enjoy wood work. The first was born in Les Contamines, the second in Bourg en Bresse. One was a ski instructor, the other a mountain guide.Both worked for the UCPA (National Union of Outdoor Sports) of which they treasure memories.

Benoît Rioult and François Boraly share much more than an unconditional love for the mountains, the two men have always enjoyed woodwork.

“No so long ago, I found a head sculpted in Hazelwood that I had created when I was 13” explains Benoit. «I had neglected this passion, but Bobo incited me to go back to it “.

Everyday objects, toys, small parts or furniture, the two friends draw their inspiration from their alpine culture.

“In some valleys in the region, woodwork was very popular” explains François. “It was used to embellish objects and each farm had its own designs, its own styles. However, in our Valley, there was very little sculpture. The artistic side was underdeveloped due to the relative poverty of local families.”

Both men have their own style and enjoy working the live matter: birch, lime and walnut. Their friends give them the wood and they give it a second life!

” When working with wood, the relation to time is very different, very long. It is an opportunity to relax, to think, to contemplate life here in the mountains of Les Contamines, a beautiful resort where one lives well”.


Photos : © Zir


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