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Top tips for First time skiing with children

, March 13th 2013, No comment, 742 vues.


With such a beautiful ski area so close, we were a bit excited to see if our little guy would take to skiing.

So I asked Damien Chatellard, the technical director at the Les Contamines Ski School (ESF) to share some tips. He told me that the main objective the ESF focuses on for little ones is learning while having fun.

They like to base their teaching around games, so that children forget that they have skis on and focus on the fun they are having instead. It’s wonderfully effective. Alongside the skiing, they teach the tiny skiers to have respect for nature.

Normally, a good age to start is around 3 to 4 years old as children have better control of their body at this age, but there are smaller children who enjoy skiing, too. It all depends on the child.

And as always, Damien says an essential element for a having a good time is to be properly prepared. This means it’s important the child be well-hydrated, start the day with a good breakfast, wear gloves or mittens, sunglasses or goggles and also, apply sunscreen when the weather requires it.



If your child is not very interested, it could be that the future skier is still too small. Try some less demanding activities and give it a go again the next year. Between sledding, snowball fights, ice-skating or a nice big mug of hot chocolate after a day out in the cold, there’s plenty to please little ones.

We tried skiing with our son but he’s still a bit young. He is much more interested in riding the gondolas than fussing with any ski stuff. So, you won’t find us on the slopes but rather making the rounds in the cable car.

Wishing you happy skiing!


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