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What’s planned for the holidays?

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It’s holiday time again and you can’t wait to hit the slopes…but there’s more to Les Contamines than skiing! When the lifts close, choose from one of the ideas below to end your day in style.

If the resort takes full advantage of its location at the end of the valley to ensure tranquility and authenticity, it also conceals a number of facilities that make your hours of après ski both interesting and enjoyable. There’s something for everyone. You will surely recognize yourself in one of the fictional profiles below.
Adam and two of his friends are on their first visit to les Contamines-Montjoie and they intend to make the most of every minute. Snowboard fanatics, they love wide red runs.

Despite a day riding the slopes they still have enough energy to try snake gliss (an articulated sledge) before continuing the evening in one of the many resort bars. Adam wants to try paragliding and has booked a tandem flight. Ice climbing at Notre Dame de la Gorge with the local mountain guides is also on the agenda. This group of friends brimming with energy intend to take advantage of their youth and try a number of sports activities available in les Contamines-Montjoie.


For Paul and Virginia, this is their first holiday together. A young couple looking to relax far from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. They won’t ski every day but already their programme is looking pretty busy…
Virginia, architect, is interested in the local heritage and baroque art. Paul fancies taking his sweetheart for a romantic sleigh ride in the Nordic ski area. On arrival Virgine spotted a Spa and the Thermal Baths in Saint-Gervais where she wants to introduce Paul to relaxation and well-being. Paul however intends to let her go alone in order to spend some time at the library seeking out stories by Gaston Rébuffat. With such a great programme combining skiing, discovery, relaxation and romance it would be hardly surprising to find a family of 3 next season!
Kate, William, and their two children have just arrived from the United Kingdom to enjoy a fun family holiday. They intend to engage in off-piste skiing while their children are in ski school. Their evening programme includes sledging on the snow-front before enjoying a delicious family meal – fondue, tartiflette or other French delicacy.  In good British style, William spotted a pub where he can offset any homesickness. Kate however intends to take a quick trip to the tourist office to check out the weekly entertainment programme and organize the family.

Céline and René have just retired and are finally starting to enjoy their well deserved free time. They love doing sport, particularly in winter. Part of the reason that they chose Les Contamines is for the vast Nordic skiing area. Céline was a figure skater in her youth and intends to revive a few fond memories at the ice rink. René wants to fulfill a childhood dream and sign up on a mushing course. Our “young” retirees also plan to enjoy an evening snowshoe excursion and a few good Savoyard restaurants.
Come and take advantage of what’s on offer in les Contamines-Montjoie !


Short summary of activities to try in les Contamines -Montjoie :

Nordic ski

Alpine ski

Sledge runs


Frozen Waterfalls

Heritage and baroque art

Sleigh Rides


Ski Tuition

Ice skating rink

Sled dogs

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