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“When one begins to enjoy ski jumping, it becomes difficult to stop!”

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Thierry « Choc » Revilliod, age 40, ski Jump coach for the local ski club:

If you are looking for Thierry Revilliod in the village, just ask for Choc! The local ski jumping coach is known by his nickname, a reference to his father (nicknamed Choc because he always carried chocolates in the pockets)! Since the winter of 1997, Thierry is responsible for the jump ski in the village. This kind of jump is rare in the valley, even if this sport is both historical and traditional. “Ski jumping is an Olympic discipline since the first Winter Olympic Games” explains the coach. Throughout the year, summer and winter, he coaches youngsters from the village and the surrounding resorts, enabling them to discover a sport that combines both precision and adrenaline.

«Ski jumping is like a drug,” says the coach with a smile, “ once one experiences the sensation of flying, one can’t live without .” In winter training sessions take place on the snow covered jump in the village. In summer, the youngsters practice on the synthetic run at Notre-Dame-de-la-Gorge. “I accompany beginners in their discovery of this thrilling sport as well as those more experienced in the discipline” explains Thierry. “As soon as they reach the regional level, they leave the club to join the Committee Mont-Blanc”. Whatever their aspirations the coach never tires, helping them to progress and watching them evolve.

He himself discovered ski jumping during his childhood in the Contamines. A member of the local ski club, like all the kids of the village, Thierry developed a passion for the discipline. However, he didn’t intend to make this his career. As a teenager he moved to Thonon on a plumbing-heating course.‘A real job’ he says with a smile. He became a plumber in the village and in1994 he joined the ski club board as manger of the ski section, a voluntary position that enabled him to reconnect with the discipline. One thing led to another and he became a part-time coach before being hired full time.

“I, who have always been passionate about sport, have found a good balance” explains Thierry. “I love my job and would never leave my village. My roots are here and the quality of life is incredible! ».

Photos : © Zir

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