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When the snow begins to fall!

, January 14th 2015, No comment, 633 vues.

For me the winter began this morning, December 28th, when we set off to ski the fresh powder snow that had fallen the day before and throughout the night.

Up until a few days ago the sun was shining and the snowy ridges were set against a pristine blue sky. We were lucky though, Les Contamines was one of the only resorts open in the region and we were able to ski the haves of the Val Montjoie at the bottom of our small valley. The ski area, lightly covered with the first snowflakes and improved by the artificial snowmakers and the hard work of the ski lift staff, was able to accommodate all those who wished to ski this delicate white carpet. But the morale was low! The fine frozen layer that timidly covered the grass, branches and stems, was wearing thinner from day to day! Those slopes open (on a rota basis) were looking worn. Despite the conditions, lines of helmeted toddlers slalomed with skill and dexterity behind their instructors.

Today however my morale lifted! Full of new enthusiasm I suddenly felt the desire to write, to report. My old skis, companions of misfortune, can now be put away and replaced by a more recent pair!

After a rather different Christmas the village has regained its winter colors, a promise of hope for the season ahead. The kids from the local ski club are back on their skis and competitions have resumed. After a period of uncertainty, faith is reborn and with it a sense of pleasure.

See you soon on the slopes!

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